Sahand Hose Group

Production of gas hose, water balance

Sahand in 1395 making hoses having experience and expertise in the fields of activity in order to produce and deliver gas hoses, water hoses and flush, two glazed yarn has started its activities and working and serving customers.
Has always been the goals of the partners are experts in understanding and modelling the sahand hoses on the optimal provision of services based on the most advanced and best product with top most quality on the market has been able to get the consent of you Dear customers of all sizes
Enhancing the quality of work presented in the framework of the prevailing standards in the world, is not a matter that happened the outcome. Long term storage sleeves on the viewpoints of the sahand perpetuates the relationship and work with our customers for the long term and permanent is because we know good quality I offer our region to ensure that we have the testimony of what has been done for hoses-building expertise and experience for our customers and sahand it with satisfaction.
The hope is to find the best tkhssaman of the experience and results of interest

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